Customer eXperience – Back to Basics

Complexity seems to be ingrained deep within the human psychology – I say this because I am guilty of making many things complex when the reality is simplicity would be the better path.  So with this lense of trying to keep to simplicity, I thought about how Customer eXperience could be built up to be very complex – many interactions with customers, multiple systems/integrated systems, multi-departmental, different touch points, etc…  As you can see if you start mixing all of the pieces and part of creating an exceptional customer experience it becomes complex quickly (or at least that is what we tell ourselves).  So in this post I wanted to get back to basics and keep it simple.  To keep me grounded I asked my 8 year son, Colten, to join me in the studio for conversation on one of his passions.  Below is the video from our conversation.

First let me say that Colten and I had so much fun producing this video (we only had to do about 4 takes – he is a natural!).  This was one of my first videos and I will be creating more videos to ensure I am clearly articulating the concepts that I am writing in these posts. As you can see from the video, I am no expert however I learn so much from our conversations.  Please note that I did review the questions with Colten however he came up with the answers on his own!

Here are the tips that I learned from Colten on how to keep Customer Experience “simple”:

  • Tip #1 – Create a good background story
    • This was my biggest ahh ha moment and it completely caught me off guard however it makes complete sense in the context of customer experience
    • When you are reaching out to your prospects and customers have you developed a backstory about your product or service that will resonate?
    • Can you easily articulate the backstory when you talk to your prospects or customers?
  • Tip #2 – Customers will research your product or service
    • This one should not catch anyone by surprise as this has been happening for the past several years
    • The question is do you know where people doing their research?  Do you know how they like to “consume” your content?
    • Good content and distribution are very important.
  • Tip #3 – Customers except their experience to be better in the future
    • Just because your initial customer experience is positive, customers will expect more from you in the future.
    • Companies need to continue to innovate because EVERY interaction counts!!

Most people can relate to making concepts complicated however most successful organizations will work diligently to work towards simplicity.  I definitely learned a from my conversations with Colten that keeping it simple for your customers will create a better experience.  

What your thoughts are on the topic of keeping customer experience simple, please comment below.

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  • PineappleEmpress September 14, 2016 at 1:36 am

    Dale you are a genius, and this site is so helpful!! 😛
    I would LOVE to see more posts in the near future!!


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