3 Myths of Customer eXperience?

When I meet with a customer, the first question is “How do you define customer experience”?  I ask this questions to ensure we are on the same wave length.  The different answers I get to this question inspired this post because I believe there are a few myths that need to be dispelled.  In this post we will look into the top 3 myths that envelope customer experience.

Myth #1 – Customer Experience is an initiative or project

Many organizations and customers have focused on Customer Experience (CX) over the past few years and it is picking up even more momentum.  The biggest problem with having a CX initiative, is that this infers that there is a destination or ending point.  The reality is that CX never ends and needs to be reviewed and assessed constantly (both internally and externally).  Here are 3 items to review on a periodic basis:

  1. Is there are change in the market or industry that may change how our organization communicates to our customers?
  2. Have we had major modifications to our product/service or organization (including cultural) that may affect the CX for our customers?
  3. What are our churn rates? Have our Churn rates changed, if so Why?

Myth #2 – Customer Experience is for our client success team

Customer experience is important to EVERY employee in your company.  Yes, the support/client success team may have many interactions with your customers however CX needs to be engrained into your organizations culture.  Additionally, you may think okay the marketing and sales team are integral when it comes to CX.  Here are 3 places in your organization that you may have not thought about integrating CX:

  1. Legal team – I know what you’re thinking how does the legal relate to CX. While it is really important for the legal team protect your organization, it is also important for the legal team collaborate with your customer’s legal team.  If you are hard to do business with or this is the perception, then your revenue will suffer
  2. Finance team – Just like legal, finance interaction with customers are usually about collecting money or other “hard” conversations. While these conversations are not pleasant, if finance collaborates with the sales team they can be turned into an opportunity.
  3. Development team – Yes, your development team can negatively affect CX. Development teams have a lot of priorities for products however taking feedback from customers and the market are important to your bottom line!

Myth #3 – Do not worry about “happy” customers

As we discuss in Myth #2, there is no destination with CX – rather it is a continuous journey.  So many organizations are so focused on bringing in “net” new customers that they lose focus on their current customer base.  You have worked so hard and spent so much money on the customers that you have signed, why do you not make the experience awesome for your customers.  Here are 3 easy things that you can do today to create a better experience today for your customers:

  1. Have an executive in your company make a call, or better yet go onsite to get real feedback about your product or service. The executive needs to understand the current situation and this needs to be genuine
  2. Ask you customer for feedback on your product or service – ensure that you are setting proper expectations that not all feedback will go into the product however you are interested.
  3. When you are sending out marketing for prospect, maybe some swag, ensure that you include your current customers as well. This will not always be possible however surprise your customers with small gestures and it will go a long way

Customer experience will drive you company to the next level however it is very important to understand that you will be on a journey.  Focus on providing value for your customers continuously and they will be raving fans.

How do you feel about Customer Experience in the sales process?

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